Mission and Vision

Students are geared to the subjects, which will help them to develop their skill of English language as well as the knowledge of English Literature. These courses consist of both free elective courses and compulsory ones. In addition, there are free elective language courses which enable students to learn a second language such as such as French, German, Russian, and Spanish other than English. Besides, students are also encouraged to go and study at the Universities around the world through Erasmus and Mevlana student exchange agreements which Karabuk University has already signed.


The objective of Western Languages and Literatures Department is to provide students with advanced language knowledge of English language and to enable them to learn and understand critically and analytically English literature, culture, history and society in particular and the western society and culture in general. During the 4-year study, moreover, the department also aims at training students to develop their skills of writing, speaking, reading and listening in English.