Our faculty aims to provide students with professional equipment, help them to realize and develop their social   abilities, help them think freely, develop problem-solving skills, have the ability of creative thinking,   decide correctly and appropriately, know about the duties and responsibilities toward their country and bring   these duties and responsibilities into behavior.

Our faculty had 7 faculty members when its education-teaching career began and with new departments,   the number of the department became 11 and the recent number of the faculty member became 44 within 3  years. In addition, there are 4 lecturers, 3 instructors and 30 research assistants in our faculty. Our   faculty is expanding despite the fact that it has just been established. 

The duration of education is for years after the preparation class in our faculty. Students enrolling in our   department are in English preparatory class in the first year. This is an opportunity offered to very limited   number of university students in our country. Considering the opportunities of knowing foreign language, it is  seen how lucky our students are.

Karabuk University Faculty of Letters is a prestigious university both in Turkey and abroad completing   academical works, implementing contemporary methods successfully in their respective fields,   demonstrating high levels of scientific works, being busy with academic activities such as symposia,   conferences, seminars and having a modern and liberal faculty members who have visions. In the Institute of  Social Sciences of our University, master's and doctoral programs are applied for the students who wish to continue graduate studies.