Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the scientific world by producing contemporarily and universally appropriate knowledge and technology, giving educational services according to our country's core values and strategic objectives, organizing activities to contribute to the social, cultural and artistic development of members and the whole society and by raising scientists, teachers and professionals who are sensitive to local and national needs and the realities of nation and the world to increase the quality of life.

Our Vision

In the light of our university's mission, vision, values, principles and strategic direction, our vision is to become a leading university in scientific studies, in the production of information and technology and in cultural, social and artistic events in Turkey; whose graduates are preferred and sought, having universally respected students and faculty members, raising the individuals of searching, thinking and inquiring; satisfying the needs of stakeholders with fast and effective solutions, having national and international relations with scientific world and being an education and research department equivalent to the other literature departments in the world.